"Culinary Institute of America Graduates"

David agreed that first and foremost came fresh great tasting food, stylish and contemporary presentation, and personalized friendly service. He also insisted that these attributes were to be reflected through his attentive, knowledgeable, and smiling staff who are all highly valued members of
Chefs 724 Party Space.

These priorities have been combined with hard work, professionalism and flair to help "Chef David" succeed in building a name synonymous with happy customers and memorable events as the name Chefs 724 Party Space is owned and operated by Chef David .

David has been involved in the hospitality industry from a very early age; food and entertainment is in his blood.

After venturing into varying Fine Dining establishments, an opportunity arose for David to open his own catering company. Many years into the experience, David is thrilled that he decided to open a Private Party Venue.

At Chefs 724 Party Space We Have Created A Warm Atmosphere With Great Food and Drinks.

We look forward to creating lasting memories for you and your guests.

Creating a new standard for Private Parties -
Having an entire Restaurant for you and your guests for any occasion

"About The Owner - Chef "

David Farahat
Owner - Executive Chef

In 1990, David Farahat graduated from The Culinary Institute of America.
David then went on to study at some of New York's finest restaurants where he honed his skills under the guidance of top Chefs at establishments such as the River Cafe, Restaurant Rafael, La Metairie, Brasserie u Theatre, Le Cygne, and the Garden City Hotel. He started as Executive Sous Chef at the Garden City Hotel and quickly ascended to the postition of Executive Chef. David's hard work and dedication enabled him to become one of the youngest Executive Chefs of any Four Star Restaurant in the area.